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Out of my comfort zone

If you know me well – I like to have a plan. I do not wing it. At first, when we planned to move, people would say Do you have a job to go to? or What are you going to do? In fact, I reckon many people still don’t understand what it is that we are doing. So for all of you…here goes…

We want to create time in our lives. We like working together. We are called to write music. We hope to build more of a free range existence. We are off to have adventures.

So we are doing a range of different free range projects to support this including music, web design (not me), various online projects & whatever else comes our way.

This is where we are called to be right now & not knowing exactly what the future holds is not as scary as I always thought it would be. In fact, I feel as though I have been set free…

Written by Anita on 27th January 2014 in General.
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First post from Sweden

We have been here in Stockholm for just over two weeks now.  The snow arrived here with me (they had been having an unusually warm winter before then).  I don’t think I quite prepared myself for how big the move was…selling our flat in London, moving to a different country, not having ‘a job’ to go to…it’s all pretty big stuff.  But I’m excited! I’m excited about this new adventure.

Written by Anita on 25th January 2014 in General.
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