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5 websites you don’t want to miss…





…oh, and we created them all…
…by we, I mean mainly Ben. (But I can take a smidge of credit for content along the way – aka, the easy bit!)

Here they are…

1) Anita Tatlow – Congratulations, you have visited the first on our list – design by my talented husband, content (mostly) by me.

What’s it all about?
To keep you all informed (may also be occasionally mildly amusing – but there’s no guarantee) at what is happening in our lives…

2) Anita Runs

What’s it all about?
The title is self-explanatory really – it’s becoming more of a healthy living blog as well as logging my marathon training journey. The new recipe section combines my love of food with all things healthy – you might not be so into the training side of things, but everyone loves food, don’t they? And it’s even better when it’s healthy & tasty.

3) Salt of the Sound – re-design!!! 

What’s it all about?
Ben has spent many hours on this redesign & it is looking fabilicious (if I do say so myself!). If you don’t know by now – where have you been? But seriously, making music this is a huge part of our lives – it’s what we are called to do & we love it!

We now have many articles on our inspiration section, where we highlight the best in Christian music (no, it’s not just a shameless plug about ourselves). All of the articles are also available as spotify playlists too. If you haven’t already, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

4) Stockholm on a shoestring 

What’s it all about?
This is our newest project – we are discovering the hidden gems that Stockholm has to offer & are off in search of the best value places to shop, thrift, eat, visit & generally float along in the way the Swedes do.

If you are planning on coming to Stockholm (& we hope you will come & pay us a visit in the future), this website will gradually be filled with treasures you won’t want to miss. Follow us on Twitter (@sthlmshoestring) or Pinterest.

5) Ben Tatlow 

What’s it all about?
This one has been up for a while but I feel it needs a mention – for all your bespoke website needs, I present to you… Benjamin Tatlow!


As always, we’d love to know what you think…so do leave a comment below or get in touch by email

Written by Anita on 27th March 2014 in General.
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A thousand miles apart

Since arriving in Sweden in January, I have slowly begun to notice several cultural / lifestyle / geographical differences between Sweden & the UK (apart from the language!). I have started to note down such differences & thought I would bring them to your attention:

bild 4 1) Leaving bikes unattended (& unlocked!)

Not recommended anywhere in the UK unless you want to get rid of it. In fact, even with an industrial strength lock, you will be lucky if it is still in that London bike shed in the morning (it doesn’t count if all parts are not still attached!)

= SWE 1/0 UK

bild 12) One sunny day in March, the sun is beating down & you feel its warm rays as you jog along…bliss!

The next day… 6 inches of snow?

tree-snowI feel the UK wins the prize for consistency in type of weather this year (even if that was wet & windy).  I think Sweden is going for the surprise factor – keeps us on our toes (…or in our snow boots)!

 = SWE 1/1 UK

3) Tea!

Tea is just not the same over here & for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will see that last week, I ran out of tea bags that I brought from England – not good. While there is an English Shop here in Stockholm, at close to £15 for a box tea bags, this is just not financially sustainable with my tea addiction! (Some wonderful friends sent us a surprise package of nearly 500 tea bags in the post which arrived today – for which I am very grateful…& panic over!)

= SWE 1/2 UK

 4) Second-hand stores

There is a different view toward second hand stores & charity shops here in Sweden – maybe it is because things can get expensive.  In fact, we have created a new website to help ourselves (& other people) learn how to explore Stockholm on a shoestring.

(No points for this one – points go to us for our new website – 1 to us!)

5) Cafe culture

One thing that is definitely missing from the UK is loads of independent cafes that are well run, reasonably priced & open late (I’m talking until the early hours!) I mean the UK government supports the same concept of allowing establishments to open all hours… with the 24 hour opening of… pubs/ clubs/ anywhere that sells alcohol & allows people to binge drink…oh wait…that doesn’t help society at all – epic fail UK!

Sorry – getting all political there – anyway, we are also on a mission to test the best value cafes out there too (What’s that? What a good use of our time, I hear you say!)

SWE 2/2 UK


That’s enough for now – I shall continue my research & bring you my findings all in good time. (I can tell you’re on the edge of your seats!)

I am also aware that I am not the first immigrant to land on distant shores…if you have also made the move to an unknown land, I’d love to know some of the differences you found when you first set foot on new soil.

Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

Written by Anita on 21st March 2014 in General, Life.
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Inspiring blogs

This week, I would like to share with you some of the best blogs, websites and articles that I have been enjoying – some of them are brand new while others have been around for many moons. After reading these this week, I am inspired: to create, to craft, to sing, to cook (& to eat), to pray, to run & to just be me.

I have categorised them into themes below so you can have a nosey at whatever interests you…


Paper Fashion
I absolutely love this post from a 4 year old & her mum who create paper clothes for fun…but these are not ordinary paper clothes – no no! Think elaborate… princesses… dream dresses… designers… Hollywood… now, that is what we’re talking about!

Fairies & Co. 
Looking for a little bit of magic? Well, look no further…beautifully crafted prints & artwork with just a sprinkling of fairy dust.

The Flower Studio – Manchester
This brand new independent floristry business is owned by a friend of mine, Alison, who is fantastically creative. I would encourage you to visit their facebook page while their website is still under construction.


Over at Salt of the Sound, in our Inspiration Section, we have been busy compiling the best in Christian music including songs for Good Friday, Easter & our top free Christian downloads.


Kate Battistelli
Kate Battistelli blogs about good food for the soul & the stomach. Definitely worth her read – I loves her Chilli with Cinnamon & Chocolate recipe. Yum!

Jamie, The Very Worst Missionary
This well´known blog is open, honest & often very funny. I definitely think more of us should aspire to show this kind of openness in our lives.


Honey, we’re healthy
This is one of the best healthy living blogs I have found lately (I’m quite picky in this area). Full of healthy recipes & fitness tips – perfect for me as I train for my first marathon.

Written by Anita on 4th March 2014 in Life.
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