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A new song for you…

This week, I want to share with you a new song that I have written in this short post.

‘All for you’ is about giving your life to God, accepting that we don’t know what He has in store for you or me, and being at peace with that thought.

Since actively deciding to give my life more readily to God, I have felt an inner sense of peace – even though, at times, my road hasn’t been completely clear to me.  But things have also happened that I could have never have imagined and for that, and so much more, I am continually thankful.

Imperfectly I come before your throne
Longing to be more than this world I know
I lay my life down here at your feet
So you can use all of me

I don’t even know your plans for me
Strip it all aside what do you see?
Broken and in need of love so strong
I need you ‘cause you are good.

Here’s my heart, I empty it before you;
Lay it broken down.
Won’t you fill it with your love joy and compassion perfectly,
That I might be…

All for you.

Written by Anita on 26th June 2014 in Faith, Life, Music.
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Marathon success!

Anita running the marathon 2Anita running the marathon 3Last Saturday was the big day! Just over 4 months of training had led me to this point alongside 21,000 other runners.

Growing up, I had never been particularly sporty or gone for sport in a big way & while a marathon is a huge undertaking for anyone, I don’t feel that running is something that has come naturally to me. To run just over 42km (26 miles) was my aim…

My goals:

  1. I wanted to complete the marathon in under 5 hours.
  2. I wanted to run the whole way, without giving up & walking.

And I can happily say that I achieved both of these things!

So here’s the breakdown of how it went for all my runner (& non-runner – if it interests you) friends out there.

Kilometres 1-21

As strange as this might sound, I really enjoyed the first half of the race & I ran it in a really good time for me.

Kilometres 21-27

Fairly non-descriptive. At this point, I was in motion & just had to keep going.

Kilometres 27-38

Just awful. This was hard. A lack of energy & motivation hit at this point & as you can see from my results, I slowed quite a bit.

Kilometres 38- Finish

By this point, the crowd is just willing everyone to keep going & when you pass people who have given up & are walking, you fell that the end is definitely within reach. At 4 hours, 51 minutes & 51 seconds I crossed the finish line!


I don’t really have a bucket list, but running a marathon is definitely a life achievement & I now feel a huge sense of relief (as well as pain, aches & blisters) having completed it!

Throughout my training, I decided to run for Compassion UK, a charity that sponsors children in extreme poverty. Due to such generosity (& I don’t say that lightly) from all the wonderful people that I am so blessed to know, together, we have exceeded my original target, and for that I am so grateful.

You can view my Just Giving page here.

I’m not sure when my next run will be…but as I’m still hobbling around the place, I’ll give it a while.

Thank you for all your support, love, comments & donations…it means a huge amount!


Written by Anita on 2nd June 2014 in General.
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