2015…the year of the unknown!

It’s been a while…it’s amazing how time gets away from you. I completely intended to blog over the last couple of months but it’s amazing how time just gets away from you. We had a great trip to New York for Thanksgiving, Niagara & even squeezed in a couple of days in Iceland (definitely my favourite country so far) on our way back home to Sweden.

Anyway, as with every year, 2014 was a year of ups and downs for us. All kinds of great things have happened: moving countries, running marathons, releasing 2 new EPS, starting new musical projects, making new connections…the list goes on. But we also had some sad losses this year, including the huge personal loss of my Grandpa.

I have become quite a thinker over the last few years…I ponder on life’s events a fair amount and as we approached the end of 2014, I began to think about how little we know at the start of a new year.  This was the theme for my latest blog post over at Salt of the Sound which I would encourage you to take a peek at.

2015…Here we are! What will happen? We don’t fully know. Will it be a year of successes? Lessons? Or losses? They’ll probably all weave their way in there in some way, shape or form.  But we need to be content with the not knowing…and trust that it is in good hands!

Gott Nytt År (Happy New Year) from Sweden!  Let’s make 2015 count!

Anita x x x

PS: Photo credits go to my husband ©Ben Tatlow 2014. You can check out his Flickr page here

Written by Anita on 6th January 2015 in Faith, General, Life, Music, Sweden, Work.
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