What next?

Lately more than ever, I feel like I have so many thoughts buzzing around in my head.

Ideas… goals… dreams… wonderings… questions…

So I am going to start on here in the hope that I will blog more regularly… to write… to record… to process… to engage…with myself mostly (as a way of organising my thoughts) but also the world around me.

We have lived in Stockholm, Sweden for almost two years and a lot has happened in this time: including big shifts in perspective and a major career change for both of us. But I still have questions… the main one being: What next?

A question that is tinged with excitement – yet lingers so very dauntingly as it reaches out into the unknown.

I feel that i should say at this point that we have no plans to not continue to be here… but I want to stay open to God’s plan for us, our lives, our music… and I truly believe that the question of ‘What next?’ is one to be embraced… and not to shy away from.

So over these mellandagarna (middle days in Sweden – the days between Christmas and New Year), this question is one i will ponder carefully…

And on that note, I will finish this train of thought with a quote that I came across recently:

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the current president of Liberia and the first female head of state in Africa:

Written by Anita on 26th December 2015 in Faith, Life, Music, Sweden, Work.
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