I am a Blogger, Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Artist and International Worship Leader, currently living in Stockholm together with my husband Ben. We left our London lifestyles back in January 2014 and moved to Sweden to forge our own career paths and to create a better work-life balance.

We love to experience new places together, (which you will come across in many of my blog posts here), I am a keen yogi and proud Enneagram number 6 (with a 7 wing)!

About us

This year will mark both of our 30th birthdays and we are slowly approaching a decade of being together and are thankful that we get to explore the world and experience life and even work together.

If you want to know more about what we do, check out our links below:


Including our work as Salt Of The Sound and Narrow Skies

Ben Tatlow

For more info. about my talented husband’s work as a composer, producer and photographer, I encourage you to check out his website.


Is a hobby for both of us but Ben takes some pretty awesome photos. He also knew that I would love it so here is my flickr page showcasing my work as an aspiring (but right now very amateur) photographer.