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To get you through the day…

Today is a good day.

Full of excitement.

Full of promise.

Today is the day that we get to share with you more of what we do…

But we don’t want it to be about us.

We want it to be about you.

You see, we write music for a reason.

A purpose.

We strongly believe that this is our calling right now.

And so we write music.

New music…

Music with a purpose.

Music for your soul.

Music for studying.

For writing.

For creating.

As the soundtrack to your moments.

To bring a little calm in the chaos.

To allow you to take some time.

To reflect.

To listen.

To breathe.

We’re excited to bring you Meditations Vol. 2 – our second complete album of instrumental music.

Written by us.

For you.

And your moments.

Oh, and if Spotify isn’t your thing, you can also find it on our Bandcamp StoreiTunes, or Google Play.

Plus, for the first time ever we have a collaboration track on one of our albums – while we have done several collaborations in the past, we felt that ‘Quiet Me’ (a song originally written by songwriter Ken Peschell) really worked with the flow of Meditations Vol. 2. We are thankful to have been able to work with him on this – and if you subscribe via Bandcamp, you can hear the full vocal version as an exclusive bonus track. 

Finally, we would love to know what you think – do get in touch by leaving a comment below.

Written by Anita on 2nd September 2016 in Faith, Life, Music, Work.
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This week was just what I needed

This week saw us taking a trip to Brussels in Belgium, to meet with colleagues working in International Ministry throughout Europe. People serving in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Sweden formed our group this year and we took time together to talk, worship, listen and enjoy each other as well as the city of Brussels.

  • Listening to an experienced Pastor talk about listening for God’s calling in his life was just what I needed to hear this week.
  • Hearing from those in such similar, yet such different church environments was insightful in so many ways.
  • Leading worship and worshiping with friends and colleagues touched my heart.
  • Seeing the good works, enthusiasm and inclusivity of this church, which experiences significant turnover due to its location in the very International City of Brussels, was deeply encouraging.
  • Being able to talk openly, take a step back and breathe was more helpful than I could have imagined.

In fact, it is clear to me that this week was just what I needed.

Thank you colleagues.
Thank you Brussels.

Brussels: A City Of Contrasts.

All Photos © 2016 Anita & Benjamin Tatlow 

Written by Anita on 20th February 2016 in Faith, Life, Work.
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a leap of faith

January has closed its doors.
February is welcome now… slightly warmer than its winter cousin (for now at least)…

But let us not forget January:
When doors were pushed.
Steps were taken.  Just baby steps and tiny movements.
But movements all the same.

And now February is here.
And answers lie around the next corner.
Answers which I do not hold they key to…not yet.

But I do hold onto hope.
I let it surround my heart.
Build me up. Inspire me. Encourage me.
I try to hold onto faith as well as hope… and hope that both don’t slip away through my fingers.

Welcome February.
Help me to jump beyond my baby steps. And take the leap you want me to.

All Photos © 2016 Anita & Benjamin Tatlow 

Written by Anita on 2nd February 2016 in Faith, General, Life.
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I listened…and I heard…

Something unexpected happened to me last week; it caught me off guard and I was not prepared.

I’m not sure it is something I can fully explain it. So forgive my rambling as I try to express what happened in one small moment.

If you press play below, I’ll try my best to take you back to where I was in that moment…

Sitting. Listening. And trying to hear.

Last year, I spent countless days, weeks and even months writing the lyrics and songs for our latest album: Echoes of Wonder. And you would think after all that time that I knew the songs I had written pretty well, wouldn’t you! At least I thought I knew what they were about. After all, I had spent time crafting each one carefully. Writing and re-writing…

And as it turns out, there was more contained within these songs of ‘mine’ than even I knew.

As I sat on the train on regular journey into Stockholm, looking out over the frozen lakes & watching people walk on water (well, frozen-water…but still!). Taking in the beauty of the illuminating sun; hanging low in the winter sky, just above the rooftops of this snow-capped city. I stopped thinking for a moment and I just listened: To this music which I had a hand in creating yet felt strangely unfamiliar to me…

For the first time, I listened with intention to the evolving instrumentation and lyrics that I had penned.

And for the first time… in my listening… I heard!

The song ‘Did You Hear It?’ is a song about listening for God’s voice in our lives. Sometimes we make ourselves so busy, we don’t hear it. Sometimes we hear it but we just don’t want to know. The answer wasn’t quite what we were looking for. It isn’t quite the path I wanted.  It makes me uncomfortable.

How closed I have been.  This song was written with the intention of being an encouragement to everyone who hears it. But in that moment, and for the first time, I knew it was also written for me…

For God to speak to my heart too.

Did you hear it in the wind?
Did you fear it once again?
Did you see it closing in?
Did you wonder if it was for you again?
The answer that you wanted isn’t there for you. You know in time you’ll need to see this thing through.

 All Photos © 2016 Anita & Benjamin Tatlow 

Written by Anita on 26th January 2016 in Faith, Life, Music.
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…is a cold day. Too cold to venture out. Better to stay inside where it’s cosy and warm.

…could be a productive day or it could all go to pot. I don’t know what today has in store for me.

…is not a big day. It is full of little things. Small moments. It’s probably not even worth mentioning most of them.

…is ordinary. Simple. Tuesday.

I am reading a book at the moment called ‘Simply Tuesday’ by Emily P. Freeman. I am listening. I am learning. She reminds me to take note of the small things. To not be rushed. To not look forward to the exciting days of the week like Saturday. To not focus on the exciting life moments but rather to live in the details of the here and now. To embrace the ordinary, the smallness and the simplicity of Tuesday moments.

Today is…
…small. Unrushed. But very necessary. And I am more than ok with that. In fact, I think I’ll embrace today as being what it is…

Simply Tuesday.



“Happy work is best done by the one who takes his long-term plans somewhat lightly and works from moment to moment “as to the Lord”. It is only our daily bread that we are encouraged to ask for. The present is the only time in which any duty can be done or any grace received.” – C.S. Lewis

 All Photos © 2016 Anita & Benjamin Tatlow 

Written by Anita on 19th January 2016 in Faith, Life, Sweden, Work.
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